Scenario Planning

The Flexibility and Benefits of Scenario Planning

During the current global economic volatility, business owners have a lot on their plates when it comes to operating their company efficiently.  Between workforce concerns, bureaucratic paperwork, financial concerns, it would seem that business planning is just another headache to add to the manifest.

No doubt there was a plan for your organisation at its inception, or at the beginning of the year, but the events of the past six months have almost certainly resulted in a tactical approach to steering the ship.

Our scenario planning service can help relieve some of your stress and provide an adaptable framework for the short and medium-term future.  Using a facilitated workshop approach, we open up lines of communications across value chains and functional units.  We help to prioritize critical issues and identify the most attractive scenarios available to your organization for the short or medium term.

Once defined, we moderate agreement on the best scenario to pursue for a set time-limited period.  This is followed up by regular reviews and the potential to course correct to an alternate scenario if the first is not generating the agreed outcomes.  

The benefit of our approach is in its flexibility.  We listen to your needs and ambitions for your organization.  The plan is not baked-in and allows for future adjustments as a result of internal or external obstacles.


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