Market Development

The Advantage of Market Development For Your Business

Market development is the lifeblood of a business. If a company has no opportunity to grow, then it will never survive. Here at Harness, we offer our services to bring a better sense of market development to the table. We go over different strategies for growth by utilizing the company's data assets first.

From there, we look at other options to target new customers and new products to help build revenue. We look at defining new demographic segments, new geographic segments, and potential new institutional segments. 

We advise on potential revenue gains and likely roadmaps for achieving business goals. Our detailed approach includes researching customer channels, through surveys and interviews, to gain a clearer understanding of their needs.  It is essential to know that the market development strategy is based on real demand for service or products. 

This approach also facilitates a boost to the sales pipeline by engaging customers at the feasibility stage.  Further advertising and sales activity are the follow-ups that will bring in the fruit of our labours.


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