I aim to help my clients not only reach but exceed their goals. Experience and independence allow me to design a bespoke approach for each project, which I see as essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. Find out about some of my past projects below.

Actionable Insight

Often times clients have everything they need to succeed, they just need some analysis and insight to make a calculated step change. For one client, I worked through detailed customer data to identify trends and decide suitable courses of action.  One of those was a new approach to global account management and third-party alliances, which was adopted by the Board almost immediately and subsequently built on as the preferred global sales model.

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Buyer Alignment

A client was looking for an exit strategy for his young venture and approached me to develop a global buyer-aligned marketing strategy.  I worked with the leadership team to develop a deep understanding of the customer journey for a specific product and translated that into delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Commercial Alignment

For a 65-acre sports facility, that hosts users with multiple conflicting needs, I worked with the Board to re-engineer service delivery and develop a clearer value proposition that quickly delivered improved commercial results.

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Customer Focus Interviews

For this client, I undertook customer focus interviews to determine preferred buying preferences in the professional services sector, and then worked with the client to act on these insights and define a unique market value proposition.

Data Integrity & Governance

For this project, I worked cross-functionally and globally with the in-house legal counsel to implement the key initiatives that would sustain marketing activity in the light of GDPR.  This included auditing marketing automation, CRM, financial and other relevant data for quality, unification, governance, and reporting to improve outcomes and mitigate risk.

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Marketing Analytics

I worked with a client's EMEA and global marketing leadership to analyse available data points and guide critical business decisions.  This included facilitation of quarterly business reviews and development of sales-focused KPIs.

Marketing Strategy

I worked with a small team of experienced learning practitioners in London to mature their tactical marketing plan into a longer-term strategic approach with defined ROI measures.

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Proposition Development

I have worked with a number of clients to take disparate product lines and transform them into a clear proposition that solves buyer problems.  For one ISV we took an early form proposition and developed it into a fully resourced marketing plan, supported by training and enablement for the sales community.

Sales Enablement

A number of technology clients have asked me to develop a sales enablement programme to optimise the ramp time for a new product or proposition.

For one client undertaking a series of corporate acquisitions, I developed a two-week 'boot camp' to speed up the adoption of a new market approach. 

For a second client, I developed an eight-week blended learning programme incorporating holistic content from clients, partners and industry experts.

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Please get in touch to find out more about any of the above projects or to discuss how I can help you achieve results that matter.