Are you customer aware and responsive?

This is the first phase of a journey to delivering service that is perceived by your customers to be agile and seamless.

Customer experience develops around each point of contact with the organisation. It can be positive, negative, attractive, or annoying.  Your customers will appreciate quick and sensible responses. 

The first, most straightforward stage of a customer-led approach, starts with a CRM that enables the organisation to record customer information and better understand each documented customer interaction. 

This stage extends to building a customer-oriented culture where internal departments respond to customer need and offer a great customer experience.

Customers have long memories and, right now, the organisations that put the needs of their ecosystem front and centre will be rewarded.

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Case Study : Data Integrity & Governance

In 2018, I worked cross-functionally and globally with the in-house legal counsel of a Fortune 500 company to implement the key initiatives that would sustain marketing activity in the light of GDPR.  This included auditing marketing automation, CRM, financial and other relevant data for quality, unification, governance, and reporting to improve outcomes and mitigate risk.


Melanie was a key partner within Verizon’s newly integrated telematics division during the period leading up to the GDPR deadline. Working cross-functionally with globally dispersed teams and Verizon’s legal counsel, Melanie helped to ensure this complex project with high visibility, resulted in the implementation of appropriate provisions for marketing compliance

Richard Brooks, Verizon