How can I move you to act?

I have run many workshops for clients, partners and students
and always show up with enthusiasm, experience and best practice.
Choose one of three workshop formats - three hours, one day or two days.
If you're ready for longer term outcomes choose the ASCEND programme
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3 hr Fast-track Assessment

The primary focus of the 3-hour workshop is WHAT constitutes a customer-led approach and provides some peer-reviewed feedback on your draft proposals.

For more detail on HOW to implement a customer-led strategy, review the overviews for the one-day and two-day workshops.

See a sample agenda by clicking on the link below.

I signed up for Melanie's 3-hour 121 workshop, which has already paid for itself within 10 days.
I was impressed by her quick action-focused support, the way she empowered me to challenge my own thoughts about my business offering. She is an amazing listener and will share new knowledge and her network with you in abundance. I cannot recommend her to you highly enough, she needs to be in your network.
Even better, if you are looking to improve your sales and profits, perhaps you should have a chat with her?

Julia Jones


One day Foundations

The one-day workshop’s primary focuses are WHAT constitutes a customer-led approach and HOW the approach is adapted for your organisation so that you can delight your customers and effectively pitch your products and services against the competition. 

We will cover messaging architecture for both marketing and sales and discuss reverse-engineering the sales funnel to achieve value-based pricing.

See a sample agenda by clicking on the link below.

Two day 'Rig' Programme

The two-day workshop allows us to go into much greater detail and includes time for coming up with new opportunities and spotting disruptive threats.

It allows for contributions from thought leaders, more group work (including sharing findings or thoughts about what participants have discovered since the first session) and closing remarks.

See a sample agenda by clicking on the link below.

Brainstorming Session

Who should attend?

Any customer-led activity needs to balance top-down strategy with a bottom-up process of crowdsourcing ideas from throughout the organisation.  You can attend the workshops as an individual leader or with your senior management team in a leadership retreat context.  The tools and materials are hands-on, so frontline employees, especially those interacting with customers directly, may be a valuable source of insight into pain points and creative new ideas.


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