I am an experienced commercial leader, passionate about optimising customer information to energise engagement and transform revenue streams.  

I have over 20 years’ experience working at Board level from Fortune 500 to local SMBs.  At that level, I am able to navigate broad or complicated scenarios and pinpoint the key actions that will drive more successful outcomes.  

I work with industry partners to deliver broad programmes that result in better marketing and sales outcomes.  Some of the partners are featured below

Melanie Foster - Director | Principal Consultant



HARNESS is an adaptive consultancy working with partners to ensure that we offer best practice advice. 

Anna Britnor-Guest

Alate Business Growth


Claire Lewis

OCD Marketing

Kathy Smith

Business Management and Copywriting



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Beacon Consultant Services work with organisations to help them comply with Data Protection laws, achieve the standards of Information Security (ISO27001) and provide an end to end solution for all sizes of business.



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