HARNESS is a boutique consultancy working in technology, professional services, logistics and maritime industries, helping leaders create a sustainable impact on their organisations.

As technologies and markets collide, we create opportunity from complexity. We are hands-on consultants, working together with our clients to bring energy, direction and expertise and helping to solve their most pressing commercial challenges. We always put the customer at the heart of our work.

We aim to lead our clients towards a unique value proposition that speaks to their customer priorities, and identifies the next steps to take to drive and sustain customer success.   

We can help you understand more about your customers and directly translate that knowledge into improved decision making and performance.  Using our data insight experience, we can help your organisation move from ambition to action to results, whether the challenge is maximising top-line growth, optimising profit or augmenting the value chain.

We work with industry-leading partners to manage the change, communications and upskilling needed and ensure that all business units can effectively deliver the value from a customer-focused transformation project.  Our holistic approach will enable your organisation to champion digital performance, energize your teams, and achieve your unique business goals.

Working Together

Market Development

We avoid generic solutions and look, instead, for the inherent value that our clients deliver to their customers.  As well as our considerable and diverse experience, we use quantitative and qualitative analysis to help you identify, anticipate and satisfy your current and potential buyer needs.


I brought HARNESS Consulting into one of our clients (a specialist global SaaS vendor) to make recommendations for their go-to-market strategy, to carve out their competitive niche and focus the approach on this.  

Their recommendations were based on:

Research into the market in four target countries to specify addressable market, areas for differentiation, customer profiles, value propositions & competitive positioning
Aligning marketing strategy to the sales strategy my organisation had defined – further developing the marketing processes and aligning to sales, working practices and procedures (e.g. with the company CRM)

This enabled our client to focus more directly on target markets based on facts and align their internal resources and collateral to this market.  

Anna Britnor Guest, Alate Business Growth

Since our founding in 2011, we have guided our clients to help them achieve their unique business goals.  We look forward to working with you to achieve yours.

Discussing the Numbers

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